Guest House

Aloe Inn is situated a mere 50metres from the sea. Come and enjoy nature at its best. 5km from the Wild Coast Casino and plus minus 50 km from Bizana
RENE DURBAN 038.jpg RENE DURBAN 037.jpg RENE DURBAN 041.jpg CHARLIE SE HUIS 035.jpg Aloe_Inn_010210_005.jpg Copy_of_Aloe_Inn_010210_024.jpg Lounge535.JPG IMG_0715535.JPG Suite535.jpg Bar535.jpg IMG_0038535.JPG IMG_0389535.JPG IMG_1030535.JPG IMG_1025535.JPG IMG_1032535.JPG IMG_1034535.JPG IMG4114 640x427 2-4161.jpg PE 131 ptn 4 027bedroom4-2399.jpg PE 131 ptn 4 035bedroom6-1560.jpg

A welcome reception awaits you at the Aloe Inn. Arrive as a guest, leave as a friend.